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Species Name Common Name Location CITES
Arapaima Gigas
Pirarucu/Arapaima Amazon  Yes, Appendix II

Pirarucu leather is a thicker, rarer, and highly sought after fish leather for many products.  Due to its larger size, this fish leather can be used for handbags, shoes, wallets, purses, belts, and more.  The largest Arapaima Gigas recorded was 15 feet long, the heaviest was 440 pounds.  Their scales have been used for hundreds of years on tools (and on the fish, they are protection from piranha).  As they are dependent on surfacing for air, they have been known to be an easier catch.  However, data on their current conservation status is insufficient.  The name "pirarucu" is a native indigenous term that means "red fish", probably referring to the red specks near its tail.

Most places offering pirarucu leather will sell it for upwards or exceeding $500 a skin.  While some skins are larger than others, we settle for a much more reasonable price.  Like with all CITES protected animals, contact your country's customs prior to purchasing.


The mustard is 18in x 30in x 2.75mm  and the crust is 19in x 33in x 3.5mm.