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Species Name Common Name Location CITES
Tayassu pecari White Lipped Peccary Cental/South America  Yes -- Appendix II

Peccary is a rare type of wild hog native to the central and south Americas.  The species is likely to have existed since the Pleiocine epoch.  They are listed as Vulnerable species by the IUCN.  They are hunted for their meat but natives and non-native communities.  There is evidence to show that their species has increased over the recent years.

The hides are soft, luxurious, and often used for gloves.  As they are a wild hunted animal, each pelt is very unique-- with a grain unmistakable to the trained eye.  These skins are chrome tanned. Please note that some images below are stock.images not relative to the grade, use the grade chart below to better understand what you'll get. You can always ask for more pictures.

 Grade IV: Holes as big as 4 sq in, scars, and scuffs.  Good for watch straps, wallets, other small items.

Grade III: Holes as big as 2sq in, scars, and scuffs.  Good for wallets, small bags, other small items.

Grade II: Less holes and scuffs, Good for bags, pocketbooks, jackets.

Grade I:  Few to no holes, natural scarring.  Good for upholstery and just about everything else.

Wholesale available for quantities of 25 skins per color with a significant discount, CITES included.  However, shipping internationally will require a separate CITES fee.  Please contact us PRIOR to making an order for international (non-USA) orders.