Brown Ostrich leather 47 inch x 57 inch

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Species Name Common Name Location CITES
Struthio camelus Common ostrich Africa, Australia  No

Ostrich are the largest flightless birds, in the same category as emu.  In some locations, they have been hunted to extinction in the wild.  In others, like in Australia, they have established feral colonies.  They have existed since the Miocene epoch, which is over 5 million years ago.

Brown ostrich leather 47 x 57 inch approximately.
 If you do not find a color in stock that you want, please contact us and we can special order.  Special bulk orders can be made at cheaper prices, but will take longer to prepare. Ostrich legs are often used as imitation snake skin-- snake skin is protected under CITES, and, while still an exotic leather, is much more expensive because of this.  Ostrich is not protected under CITES and thus a much cheaper and realistic alternative. The larger ostrich leather is very soft and pliable.  It is often used for luxurious bags, coats, wallets, and other items.