MuSkin (Mushroom)

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Species Name Common Name Location CITES
Phellinus ellipsoideus P. ellipsoideus China/Asia  No

MuSkin™  is made from the fungus/mushroom Phellinus ellipsoideus, which was named in 2008 by two Chinese scientists in Fujian province.  The mushroom itself has one of the largest fruit bodies of any mushroom, which makes it perfect for using as leather.  For instance, there was a large specimen found in 2011 in Hainan Island measuring 427 inches long and weighing 880-1100 pounds! 

As a leather, it has anti-bacterial properties.  It is PETA approved.  It comes in varies sizes and qualities.  Below is an approximation of the sizes.  First choice is the softer, plush feeling leather with more consistent colors.  Second choice is usually harder (which can be better for certain projects) with nodules.

Small: 10-15 cm. x 15-22 cm x 0.5-1 cm

Medium: 13-20 cm. x 23-30 cm x 0.5-1 cm

Large: 17-25 cm. x 30-45 cm x 0.5-1 cm.

Xtra Large: 20-25 cm. x 46-60 cm x 0.5-1 cm.