Kangaroo (Chrome tanned)

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Species Name Common Name Location CITES
Macropodidae Kangaroo  Australia  No

Kangaroo are a marsupial indigenous to Australia.  There are strict regulations on the hunting and killing of most kangaroos, and some populations are endangered.  However, we do not and cannot stock those species.  Kangaroo are mostly hunted for meat during specific seasons and the skins are often tanned.

Like with most of our skins, we will not cut them.  They average 40 in x 42 in, about 6 square feet, .8 mm to 1.1mm thickness.  All skins have variations to size, these sizes are approximate.  Kangaroo leather is known to have the strongest tensile strength of any leather.  Chrome skins are flexible and our skins are upholstery grade unless otherwise specified.