Caimon tail

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Species Name Common Name Location CITES
 Caimaninae Caiman Various  Yes, Appendix II


A crocodilian aligatorid with many sub species.  Caimans are distinguished from alligators, their closest relatives, by a few defining features: a lack of a bony septum between the nostrils, ventral armour composed of overlapping bony scutes formed from two parts united by a suture, and relatively longer, slenderer teeth than those possessed by alligators.

Caimon tail leather. Various sizes and qualities, items in pictures are items for sale.  They are thicker, about 2.5mm to 3mm with overlapping scales..  They are about 19 to 30 inches long, about 7 inches wide to about 11 inches at the widest, about 3-5 inches at the shorter end.